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Pinterest vs. Instagram Which One to Choose for Your Business

User Differences Between Pinterest and Instagram

When you look at Instagram and see what type of content works best on the app, it’s about creating a personal bond between a brand and its followers. Instagram is much more personal than just about any of the other social media sites that exist today.

Instagram users want to see the faces behind the brand. These are the people who are already aware of your business and want to get to know more about the people involved; witness what they do in their real life. They want to see your families, your travel photos, your pets, and the types of food you eat.

Pinterest, on the other hand, works very differently than Instagram and attracts a different audience. At its core, Pinterest is more of a search engine. Every minute there are 45,000 searches made on Pinterest. It’s more about broadening your audience than it is engaging with your current following.
People use Pinterest to discover new things that interest them. New tech gadgets, the latest fashion trends, wedding and baby shower ideas, and even art and craft projects. It’s better to create more visibility for your business and help customers find you who might not have heard about you otherwise.

On Pinterest users are also quite a bit more eager to open their wallet than users on Instagram. The platform is often used as a pseudo online shopping site. They are buyers and always on the lookout for the next fantastic deal.

Pinterest and Instagram Each Provide Unique Benefits

As mentioned previously, Instagram users want to know more about brands they already love. You don’t need to woo them over, just keep their interest. Your followers start to feel like they have a personal relationship with you, and some may even think of you as a friend. Even if you’ve never spoken to them directly.

Instagram users tend to stay on the platform.It’s challenging to get them to navigate away from it once there. If you try to push your products or services too far on IG , you could start to see your number of followers begin to drop.

Instagram itself pretty much gets in the way of you taking traffic from their app. Most accounts are not allowed to insert clickable links into their posts unless it’s verified and pays for sponsored posts. While you can add a link to your bio and instruct users to go there to click it, your conversions will be low because people won’t bother; they just want to continue scrolling.

Pinterest was actually built on the idea of sending traffic off-site. People go there to find new sites to visit. If your business needs more exposure, Pinterest is the best place to get it. Ads are quite expensive on other social media platforms, and if you don’t pay up they will limit the number of people who will see your posts.

Pinterest can make it easier for brands to get noticed because it’s the type of content they want on their site. It’s why people login in the first place. It’s almost like a free advertising platform, and everyone is ok with it. You might not find many other places online or in the real world where people are so accepting of being sold to at every turn.

Pinterest vs. Instagram: Who Wins?

I always say its important to have some sort of social media presence on Instagram for you brand, but as far as sales go Pinterest is the way to go . No matter what types of products you are selling chances are your customers are on Pinterest looking for it . Just think , where do you go for outfit ideas, home furniture ideas, and anything that’s trending ? Most Businesses don’t even know about the capabilities of Pinterest’s platform yet. But if you’re reading this and you’re a business owner yourself , now you do !!

If you feel stuck and need help formulating a marketing plan for your business on Pinterest, contact me below .


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